Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are beats removed from the website once bought exclusively?

When an exclusive beat is bought, it will no longer be available for sale or download and will be removed at the same day of purchase. 

  • What if two different people buy the same beat? (standard/non-exclusive)

Both artists will have full permission to record vocals on top of the beat and will have distribution privileges until either the lease term (1 year) is exhausted (no longer renewed) or if the artist has exhausted their max distribution limit. 


  • How long is the lease?

Velbeats standard and non-exclusive leases have a term of 1 year starting the the time of purchase.

Exculsive leases are based on what is agreed between Vel beats and the artist.


  • Can you renew your standard and non-exculsive lease?

Yes, Vel beats will send you (based on the email that is on our record) an invoice 20 days prior to time of purchase for the same original amount as what it was purchased and will extend the lease to another full year term at the time of renewal. All beats will not be automatically billed (unless requested) and the lease will be subject to termination at the end of the full year term. Only exception after one year is if another artist purchases EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS 


  • What if someone purchases exclusive rights while I am in a full year term?

You can still continue to record/distribute your beat until either you have exhausted the distribution limit or until you have completed your 1 year term. After 1 year leasing is completed the artist that has purchased exclusive leasing will be the only individual to have leasing privleges from there forward .

  • What are tracked out audio files?

Tracked out audio files, also called stems, are sub mixes of an instrumental. For example, an instrumental might have the four stems: Bass, Beat, Percussion, and Instruments. The Bass stem being the bass; the Beat stem being the kick and the snare; The Percussion stem being the hi-hats, shakers, and crash cymbals; and the Instruments stem being the strings, organs, and synths. All of these stems are the full duration of the instrumental and can be layered together to recreate the stereo mix of the original instrumental.

The reason for stems is that they allow for more precise fine tuning while mixing a song. For example, one can adjust the gain on the Bass without affecting the low end of the Cellos. Or you can mold the cymbals around the vocals without affecting the punch of the snare. Although Vel's beats come already professionally mixed, depending on the particular artist's vocals or the sound of the rest of their album, adjustments may want to be made in mastering. With stems these adjustments can be made much more accurately and easily.

  • Do you use samples?

No. All Vel's beats are made using copyright-free or licensed sounds, so you don't have to worry about clearing any samples.

  • How do I give credit to Vel?

In all projects where any part of Vel Beats is used, be sure to give credit in one of the following formats:

"Produced by Anthony "Vel" Flores from"

"Beat by Anthony "Vel" Flores from"

"Original Music by Anthony "Vel" Flores from"